BLACKSTAR HTV Soloist 60 Combo


BLACKSTAR HTV Soloist 60 Combo
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The HT Soloist 60 is the ultimate compact gigging amp for players who want the power to handle larger venues but in a 1x12 combo format. The HT Soloist has two channels and four modes which are augmented by an additional footswitchable solo boost. The solo boost will add up to 10db of level boost and can be used in conjunction with the Body switch for fat, singing leads. 60 Watt valve combo • 2xECC83, 2xEL34 • Two footswitchable channels • 12” Celestion speaker • Enhanced tone controls • Patent-Applied for Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) • Clean voice switch • Overdrive voice switch • Footswitchable solo boost with body switch • Presence • Master volume • Digital reverb with dark/bright switch • Speaker emulated output with 1x12/4x12 voicing • Effects loop with effects level switch • 4-way footswitch included • Cool vintage styling

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